I have had a few recent photography projects for Sydney Agency Scribble & Think covering marketing material for Ascham School. Photography involved head shots for various board members, faculty team, students and various location images acorn the grounds.  

On this project we worked closely with creative director Tanya Walker and the Ascham marketing team to bring to life exciting headshots for various school departments and board member teams, all together there were around 100 people captured over multiple shoot sessions along with images of the school grounds which were all used for the launch of the new website and various other marketing materials. Along with these images we worked on a few projects showcasing the students for marketing purposes.

Check out https://www.ascham.nsw.edu.au  for some of these images. shoots were carried out thorough the year consisting of various lifestyle photography portrait images of students, faculty and board members along with location photography of the school grounds.

lifestyle photography, architectural photography and headshot photography for Ascham School