For any Foodie Masterchef is your show and to be directly approached by Masterchef legend Sarah Tiong to use my skills as a food photographer in her upcoming cookbook Sweet Savoury Spice was an honour. Sarah approached me to help create the photography for her recipes and we used her vision and ideas as a starting point working closely together to come up with concepts, style guide and visual direction.

Our aim was to make the food hero with backgrounds and vessels only accompanying elements in a neutral tone allowing the bright and vibrant food to sing out as the hero. I worked with natural daylight from my studio window and the food was prepped by Sarah with Cecilia Bloom giving the final styling under camera.

Overall there were over 50 recipes and chapter openers to consider and the visual result needed to work for a multinational audience, luckily Sarah’s hard work and positive energy made this an absolute pleasure, she is truly a genuinely amazing person!

Some of my favourite dishes were Malaysian Dry Mixed Noodles, Grilled Mussels with Lime And Pepper Sauce, Sarah’s famous Pork Belly and …. Well all of them! YUM!!!

To date the book has launched in the US reaching #1 in the new releases on Amazon and pre-orders in Australia taking #1 in Asian cookbooks on Amazon! –

I can’t be more happy for Sarah, do yourself a favour and order a copy today!


As per Matt Preston book forward:

“Imaginative, creative and above all else, utterly delicious. If you want to punch abouve your weight at dinner time… this book is for you!”