Ben Cole Photography
Unit 2, 21 Whiting Street
Artarmon NSW 2064
m. 0414 734 959
p. (02) 9906 7774


Where it all began

Born in South Korea but raised in Sydney, I was able to immerse myself in a creative environment from a young age. With my high school offering a photography course my passion started to develop in my teenage years often being found in the darkroom or with camera in hand shooting the local landscapes, sports and friends. My first assigned shoot was at 15 shooting material for my high school which was later published in the areas local newspaper, I remember being very excited about seeing my photo in mass print!  During my teenage years I also achieved some local recognition winning various regional and city wide photography competitions which resulted in having work exhibited along with a winning piece from one competition being presented to the Lord Mayor of Sydney at the time.

I was extremely lucky to meet some people in the local photography community which gave me my first taste in the industry and became incredibly influential to where I am today. These contacts provided opportunities of work experience and even some small paid assisting roles during my school holidays.

Straight out of school I further my studies in photography while also continuing to work as a photography assistant freelancing for a number of leading photographers at the time. immersing myself in the industry lead to a few small opportunities on paid photography shoots which then opened up to larger projects. There were a few individuals that really helped me and gave me opportunities early on in my career that I am so thankful for, I am also very proud to say that I am still shooting for some of them to this day.

The studio

In 2005 I took the exciting plunge opening my photography studio in Artarmon, Sydney. It was previously a recording studio with 2 sounds booths but had the bones for a great creative space.  With a few modifications and about a month of painting it was transformed into a photography studio that I still work from today. It has a full equipped kitchen for any food shoot requirements and offers a unique full wall window, perfect for daylight needs.


Currently I am one of Sydney’s leading food and beverage photographers working on local and global projects. I have adapted over the years as the industry has changed and think I offer a unique vision through my technical ability and creative ideas. I am so honoured to have worked with so manly leading Australian and international brands and projects. I still am very passionate about photography and regular shoot imagery for sole personal creative reasons as well as art based projects, check out some of my personal work in my outtakes gallery

I have helped guide a few people who are now photographers and have taken on work experience and people wanting to get a foot in the door to pay back the opportunities offered to me when I started out.