As a beverage photographer the scene doesn’t get much more perfect than this, shooting at Sydney’s Coogee beach 40°C day with sun bronzed talent and a esky of ice cold Coca-Cola.

Although there was no inspiration needed with the perfect scene set the day started a little rocky as on the way from the car on arrival I was victim to a low flying pelican who decided to drop a little present off drenching my leg but I will leave the bad news there as from that moment on everything ran smoothly… Isn’t there something about good luck and having a bird poo on you haha.

The shoot involved my drink stylist, hair and makeup and talent and we were to create various on premises style scenes showcasing the famous Coca-Cola glass bottle. We utilised the sun through various scrims to light the bottle and then filled the rest of the scene with a mix of reflectors, flash and HMI lighting. Graduation and ND filtration was additional used on camera to help create the emotive Coca-Cola look. The images were captured on the Canon 5Ds.

Below are some of the BTS setups and one of the images. Please check out for more exciting beverage work


Sydney beverage photographer shoots for Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Beverage Photography