I was recently approached by adverting agency Paper Moose to work with the team creating hero beverage photography for the advertising Australian launch of Quincy, Lions new Alcoholic Seltzer.

This was a large production that I was brought on to direct the hero product shots in the campaign, it can always be a challenge working on new products as you need to develop the look and learn/create the end style for the product this challenge can also be very exciting at the same time helping bring a brand to life!

Additional to the hero product images the campaign involved a large fashion style series of work which was directed and created by the talented Bec Lorrimer, some of the props were incredible including a classic hill hoist cloths line with a flower swing, hitting the “little bit different’ Australiana direction

Along with stills there were a series of videos created for digital media purposes with again Bec directing the fashion element while I helped on the product scenes.

Check out the end results and some behind the scene/ execution in market results 🙂