I am so excited to share the news that for a 3rd year I have had works selected as a nominee in the International Color Awards, I won’t go into to much detail as I have mentioned it in past posts but the Colour awards showcases some of the best works from over 75 countries annually. This year in the 10th annual and I had three images selected in the nominee category which in voting stages I had  two taking winnings medals achieving honourable mentions in the food category! ecstatic with this result and congrats to all the other nominees and winners!

As always I try and only submit personal work into competitions as I feel it’s a better showcase of my creative visions and ideas so when they receive industry notice it’s that extra bit rewarding!

How I created the images

Liquid ball and deconstructed coffee were both created in a similar way. The liquid ball was shot with liquid moving over a sphere to give the shape with the chocolate layer shot separately to the milk layer and then applied in post while the coffee bean was suspended and captured in the moment moving liquid and steam touched the bean. The Fairy Taile Food was another persons project creating the fantasy of Red Riding Hood but in this ending she stayed and cooked the beast. This one was super fun adding a human and story element to a food shot.

Hope you visually like these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Ben Cole Honorable Mention 10th Annual Color Awards