Softly floating over Sydney as the sun rises with a glass of champagne sounds like a perfect start to the day and as a Sydney Photographer seeing things in a different light or view let alone your own backyard is what we live for.

I recently had an amazing experience spending a early morning drifting over the Camden Valley and taking in the view. Drifting along with the wind and looking down at the world from that height is absolutely amazing, the world looks like a piece of abstract art, with the sun rising the light is incredibly contrasty from the top down view creating beautiful shapes and light casts on the land below. Roads become vein like and groups of houses look like dot art.  I took my point and shoot and put on my landscape photographer hat  to capture a few photos of the view to share with you!

The slow start to the morning ended with a bit more excitement as winds picked up we missed the landing spot, dodged a few powerlines and ended in a local farmers field. It all ended ok but ended a bit more thrilling than expected 🙂