As a Sydney still life photographer I wanted to welcome in the Sydney Spring by a visual creation and have made Breath, a still life adapted time laps of a wild daisy shot over a couple of days.

I selected the wild daisy from my own garden as I had noticed it open and closed in the day which looked like a breathing effect which is what I wanted to bring to life. The flower was set up in a studio setting and lit with flash for consistency, the camera was a Canon 6D and a Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller was used. The remote allowed me to dial in a timer for image capture and duration which allowed after the initial setup an autonomous process…. unless my computer hard drive filled up or the camera batterie ran out, you may see a small nudge when the batteries were changed during the process but I don’t think it effect the end result.

Overall I am happy with the execution and hope you like Breath.

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Cheers Ben