My positive wishes and thoughts to all those affected directly and indirectly by the unprecedented COVID-19 landscape we are currently in.

We are certainly in unchartered territory at the moment, with Victoria stepping into stage 4 lockdown and uncertain times ahead for our other states.
To all my clients and anyone requiring image creation please know Ben Cole Photography is still in operation working to follow government requirements.
I have registered my COVID Plan to be Government Covid Safe, along with completion of the Infectious Control Training, which is better managed through my private studio.
Please note that over the year my shoots have operated to the safest practice possible, adhering to increased sanitation, regular hand washing/sanitiser on set, zero contact for deliveries where possible, social distancing, reduced crew sizes, crew record keeping and clients working remotely where possible. We will continue to work to the safest possible practices on all shoots to prevent the spread and be as safe as possible for our clients, crew and the wider community.
If you have any upcoming projects you would like to discuss and work together on safely, please get in touch.