One of the first projects I worked on starting out many years ago was Coke and Meals for Coca-Cola, we created a library of yummy food menu images to work along side Coca-Cola products for menu boards and in store point of sale purposes.

A few variations of the project and 15 years later I was lucky enough to win a pitch and continue working on a new look Coke and Meals project in 2020. I worked closely with the agency, Geometry and the Coca-Cola team to match and work to global standards with the aim of achieving a large library of menu images.

One of the biggest problems we faced were some of the items being pasta dishes and as anyone form Sydney knows along with toilet paper, pasta was in hot demand during the early stages of COVID-19. Our small team did manage to collect enough on the weeks leading up to the shoot, phew!

Our end result required all imagery to be modular and work seamlessly in the internal Coca-Cola system that automatically builds shots together using imagery created globally, it required a bit of planning but we succeeded in matching our imagery and got a great result. The system is very clever and I am looking forward to seeing the shots in market over the coming year !