2020 has brought up some challenging times and brands have had to adapt in the way they work in the changing market. My recent advertising project for Safeguard which is a hand wash sold in the Philippines and other emerging markets through Asia was one of the adapted style projects with the Photoshoot and production being run form Sydney working remotely with the client overseas.

I was approached by international agency Brand World Consultants to help produce imagery for shopper advertisement for the product. It was a very short turn around with tight budgets so propping, talent and wardrobe were all managed at my end to get the end results. Imagery also needed to work to the local markets with talent, props and wardrobe all needing to fit with the local needs and we worked remotely with the international clients to achieve this.

This shoot was shot during the peak of Covid in Sydney so distancing, no H/M and reduced crew size were executed running to Government Covid safe practices.

What would 2020 be without a hand wash shoot 😉