What a fun project creating a library of exciting food photography for Red Rooster. Think flying chips, stacked burgers and a mix of video and stills, my kind of FUN!

I directed and produced the project with content to be used for in-store, digital and social purposes the content was a mix of video, gif and stills. being 2020 we hired a large studio to allow adequate space for social distancing as we had a crew of 12 people including a food stylist team, agency-Craveable Brands, clients and video/still teams.

We worked over a 3 day period working on an exciting shot list with multiple sets so as you can imagine there was great team energy. We used a large 6K HMI for our main light on set for the video content capturing footage on a Red camera shooting a lot of footage in 300 FPS for slow motion purposes with the stills being captured with a smaller set using Profoto flash lighting to prevent light spill from the video set.

The end result was some exciting content that you will be able to check out in the coming months on Red Rooster Social pages, in store and other platforms.