I LOVE Coffee! And I recently had the pleasure of working with a very passionate family on the launch of their new coffee range Malgudi Days. Being a boutique brand I was able to help guide creative direction as well as the photography which was rewarding being involved in more of the process and help bringing the brand to life.

As a coffee lover I was fascinated and learned a lot over this shoot from the bean production process, roasting and ingredients that can be added in different stages, there is a real craft almost scientific side to the processes that has made me think a lot more about coffee.

Malgudi Days is crafted for a South Indian filter coffee and is sourced from the finest specialty grade Indian coffee growers and includes chicory also from the highest quality, the chicory helps enhance the coffee flavour to the traditional taste. It is then carefully roasted locally in Sydney in small batches to ensure premium quality.

My job was to create a set of exciting images that help launch and sell this new coffee line into Australia and globally. From my point of view it was the pouring technique that visually made this coffee special and is something that I wanted to portray and tell the story of though the images. The coffee and milk are prepared separately and then poured from arms length height which added to the flavour and creates aeration and bubbles!

For a seriously good cup check out https://www.malgudidays.com.au

Images for Malgudi DaysWebsite
Images for Malgudi DaysWebsite