I love shooting cosmetics and was recently commissioned by Australian company Beyond Skin Beauty to work on some exciting product photography for their new bronzer and illuminator range. We needed to great a few basic product images for online and ecommerce purposes as well as a hero image for various advertising needs.

The basic product images were clinically shot on my Sinar P3 system and lit with various scrims and profoto flash. For the hero ad image I worked with the Beyond Skin Beauty team to come up with a few concept directions ending with an exploding powder look and feel. For the execution we suspended the products on transparent perspex rods so that the were dynamically positioned and elevated so that when the powder was added it gave the feeling of exploding outwards. After everything was set it was time for the messy part! Various throwing techniques were executed against the products with a combination of a few powder captures being used in the final retouch execution.

As you can imagine I am still cleaning up powered a week later but well worth it 🙂

For more or my product work please check out https://bencole.com.au/gallery/still-life-photography-sydney/