Being a packaging photographer can make the visit to the supermarket a bit more exciting and this week rather than just picking up the milk and bread on my weekly visit to Woolworths I was pleasantly surprised to see another batch of my recent work, this time for The Foodsmiths shooting for Darling Brands.

The project included food photography for a 4 SKU range including Arancini and Meatballs, YUM! We worked closely with the stylist and agency to bring the packs to life. I really love the natural coloured smudge graphic under The Foodsmith logo I think  it helps tie the design together with the photography giving a home made organic feel.

We shot this one form my studio in Artarmon Sydney on the Sinar P3 and lit with studio profoto lighting.

It’s great seeing your images on the shelf 🙂

FoodSmith FoodSmiths