After a photoshoot you normally don’t get to see your work until it is in market, especially working as a Sydney packaging photographer as there is a lot of components to be done after the shoot let alone the print process and recycling out old packs in store before the new packs hit the shelf.

Walking through the Freezer section of my local supermarket today I got a lovelyspotted a packaging project I worked on this year with Equator, for their Stewart Seafood re-brand. For this project there were 3 front of pack images needed to be captured for the new packaging designs. We had a small window on pack needing a fresh and healthy approach to the frozen items that would stand out in a competitive freezer shelf.

We worked closely with the agency and food stylist to make these images pop. We shot the final images with some natural drop focus to help draw attention to the texture of the fish flakes and used fresh accompanying side items to help bring healthy notes in with colour pops.

We shot the project on the Sinar P3 camera system lit with Profoto lighting in my studio based in Artarmon, Sydney.

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