I was recently commissioned as a Sydney product photographer by the talented Shopper agency The Mix Agency http://www.mixagency.com.au  to create exciting lifestyle scenes for Jack Daniels.

We created the images on location in Marrickville, Sydney building a range of images for Jack Daniels in-store promotion. https://www.jackdaniels.com/en-au . Some BTS of the day and end results are below from a BWS promotion https://bws.com.au.

We worked closely with The Mix Agency scouting the location, talent, wardrobe, props. The shoot was excited with a mix of available lighting, HMI and flash to get the end result.

Additional images form this shoot can be found https://bencole.com.au/advertising-photographer-sydney/


Sydney product photography of Jack Daniels
Sydney product photographer shoots for Jack Daniels


Sydney product photography for Jack Daniels
Sydney product photographer in-store advertisement for JD and BWS