I love working for start up business, they are very passionate and it’s exciting being involved in a brand taking their first steps. As a Sydney food and beverage photographer I was recently commissioned by Chapayom https://chapayom.com.au  to create imagery of the beverage and food menu items  including Thai Iced teas, snacks and soft serve, the images were used for the new menu boards in the first Sydney store in George street and digital and print marketing and advertising.

For efficiencies we shot with 2 cameras in locked off positions for consistency capturing 2 angles of each item, this would give Chapayom a larger image library in the time we had allocated for shooting. Due to the nature of the ingredients we shot on location in the Chapayom office.

With a passionate team and big plans I am looking forward to hopefully seeing the business grow over the coming years!

Sydney beverage photographer Chapoyom
Sydney beverage photographer shoots menu items for Chapoyom