As a leading Sydney beverage photographer the summer period is usually packed with plenty of drink and beverage shoots and this year was no exception.
There were plenty of refreshing beverage shoots for the hot Sydney days and I thought it was time to recap some of this work that made it to the outdoor advertising space.
Some of the projects were for new product launches and others just to adverting existing drinks in the market, I was able to capture some quick snaps on my phone when I spotted some of these so I could share with you.
With a lot of beverage photography the product is the hero and it becomes a lighting exercise to best showcase the label or liquid qualities however on the below Powerade ION4 and Nestea Blackcurrant projects there were moving liquid elements needed for the finished art which makes for another exciting level needed to be considered on the shoot. For the Powerede execution we capture a range of moving blue liquids exploding, pouring and throwing which were then brought to life in retouching and with Nestea we swirled and pushed with tubing the liquid around in the bottle. To capture these movements the flash setup is the main technical requirement from an execution point and Broncolor and Profoto offer the shortest flash durations to achieve this.
I hope this gives you an insight to some of my beverage photography and please check out for more of my drinks photography work.