You want to interview me…? I was recently contacted by Josh Rossi asking if I was interested in being interviewed as part of his podcast series Full Time Photographer. As a Sydney advertising photographer it’s always great to be able to get your name out and having a look at some of his past interviewees I was honoured and a little shocked to be asked but was ready to get on board and give my insight and thoughts to the industry. Note in advance I hate the sound of my own voice even on a voicemail message so playback of the interview was always going to be interesting from my end with the first thought alway going to be “Do I really sound like that” lol.

With Josh being in The U.S. the interview was conducted over Skype which made it a bit more relaxing just talking to a laptop screen and the interview process was very casual and natural asking me questions on my opinion with the Australian industry, how to get noticed in a saturated market, working with big brands and reviewing some of my images.

I think I was able to cover off all of the questions with a reasonably insightful manner and hopefully give his listeners an idea into my thoughts and opinions.

If you want to have a listen tech out Podcast Who Is Josh Rossi Episode 81.