You taste it, smell it and eat it but have you ever stopped and looked at food for more than the obvious? As a Sydney food photographer we often get the chance to look at food in much more detail than just hand to mouth and I recently teamed up with Carlu Seaver, one of Sydneys leading food stylist represented by the same talent agency as myself, Lizard Management to explore and create some abstract food imagery. On this project it was lovely being able to collaborate with someone from the same representation agency and feel part of a team project sharing and working on each other ideas.

In this test series we explored food in a different light to show it as a visually beautiful thing. We looked to use slightly unusual foods including edible flowers rambutans and edible seaweed and worked on sculptural compositions to allow you to enjoy food with your eyes and look beyond the obvious. With lighting we wanted to achieve a controlled natural daylight feel so used flash lighting through scrims to give an over soft natural representation.

As well as below I have included some of these final images in my current website Please check them out if you get a chance

I hope some of these images inspire you to take a closer more details look at your food 🙂