It still makes me proud seeing my finished work out in the public domain especially on large bus shelter boards!

I was recently commissioned as a Drink Photographer to shoot this ad for the launch of the new Powerade Zero. The project was a hero bottle image and required us to achieve a glow through the liquid to make the product look as refreshing and appetising as possible which was further helped by the natural spritz coating. We achieved the look through various Profoto lighting shapers backlighting the bottle.

As part of the project we also had  to create a clean grey shrink style label so that the popping logo could sit of a clean background space. We did this by masking and painting over the required area.
I worked with the Powerade team to create this final master bottle image for their agencies Ogilvy and TPF.

I would consider myself as a bit of a beverage and drink photographer specialist so please check out for further examples of work.