As a specialised Sydney product photographer I was recently commissioned by  the The Mix Agency to help bring to life this campaign for Tic Tac Envy.

We shot the still life and food photography elements to work with the incredible 3D and illustrations.

With the end execution being used in out-door advertising across Sydney and Australia creating the illusion that the illustrated vine was living and tearing back the poster to reveal the passengers inside of the bus. I love working on cross media style projects and working with  like minded talented artist to bring a final result.

We also captured a few images for social media and digital advertising which involved a bit of fun turning apples into grapes for the Facebook campaign and various other interesting creations. For the below image of the apple bunch we layered up and shot the apples in one capture and included the grape stalk to finish off the end execution. The food photography elements were shot by Ben Cole Photography and retouching by the talent team at The Mix Agency… So, how do you like them apples? Or grapes!





TicTacRaw1 (1)


TIC TAC Grape Envy Facebook 910x910px Post 10