Using the same stop motion execution from the melting berries project a coupe of posts back I have created another personal project using the classic 80’s game Brick Breaker for inspiration. The items in frame were influenced through the large volume of work being packaging photography at the time and just wanting to have a bit of fun with pack art.

I remember playing this game as a kid on the family Amega 500. From memory it came on a  floppy disc with 100 other basic games “100 best games” or “top 100 arcade” was the name from memory. Super fun at the time and I wanted to reflect childhood fun in the execution so used candy for the elements with Pez, a stick of Extra chewing gum and 1 blue Smartie.

The execution took over 400 still images to give a reasonable realistic movement to the smartie which took a bit of work on the final build and I accompanied the final result with a cheesy 80’s style arcade music track built in Apples Garage Band.

Hope it brings back the memories to any 80’s kids!