I am a specialist in food, beverage, drink, product, still life photography and focus on advertising and commercial projects however with changes in society’s need for imagery and how brands best get in front of an audience I have found content creation for social media and other digital outputs a big part of my photographers projects now.

I remember not that long ago social imagery was a secondary thought at the back end of one of my advertising shoots with someone from the brand or agency snapping a few quick pics on shoots for social pages… jump to today and I find I am now being briefed directly for social media, E-comms and digital supermarket projects. If my length of time as a photographer has shown me anything it’s to be adaptable with change. I have seen the industry go from film to digital, stock imagery mass usage,  introduction of CGI, the decline in editorial needs, mass changes in how we need to produce projects, media output needs, and larger use of inhouse studios/photographers.

So am I now a content creator…?

Well yes and no, I am not an influencer by any means but create unique content for brands working directly with clients and agencies. I run my shoots in a very similar manner to how I approach all my projects, working closely with my clients I understand the project need, review best approach, add creative input and execute the project. Some of these projects might be for single high end specific posts, e.g. the launch of a new product to accompany more organic content and others more regular, creating content for brands on a regular basis. There have been some fantastic results with some work organically reaching thousands and even millions.

I still focus on my specialities, food, beverage, drink and product for these social media driven projects mainly working with large FMCG brands and bring a wealth of knowledge from my large scale advertising background that is adaptable to help bring a unique end result across my work. I work closely with brands to create motion and still content and can help build teams specific to the project needs, specialising in recipe development for the food and beverage clients. I do love how involved I can be with these types of projects offering creative direction and finding simple solutions to needs working at the fast pace required for social outputs.

The way I create and deliver my content is a perfect fit for brands and agencies wanting unique content in an organic manner. I would love to continue this type of work as I see this space only growing in years to come so please get in-touch if you’re a brand, agency, start up or individual looking at content creation for social and digital needs. Check out my food and drink portfolio for more examples of work 🙂



Social Media Content Creator Sydney
Social Media Content Creator